Microsoft makes waves at 3GSM

Deals with Nokia and Flextronics have made Microsoft the talk of Cannes. But is Linux about to pose a whole lot of new challenges?
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

As the world's mobile phone industry gathered for the annual 3GSM shindig, Microsoft's latest deals dominated conversations on the show floor and in the bars and hotels of Cannes.

Even before 3GSM had kicked off, Microsoft was making headlines with a deal with Flextronics to push a low-cost platform for feature phones running Windows Mobile. And it stole the show on Monday by smoking the peace pipe with Nokia. Windows Media 10 will now be installed on Nokia handsets, and the two firms will work together on future streaming media products and standards.

With Sony Ericsson vowing to launch mobile phones under the Walkmak brand, and Sendo revealing that its latest smartphone would be a music-centric device, it appeared that the music industry was focused on leaping on the iPod bandwagon.

Although Microsoft appeared to be one of this year's big winner at 3GSM, a familiar threat is coming over the horizon. A prototype Linux 3G phone was on display, sparking bullish talk about the future of embedded open source. Is Microsoft vs Linux set to break out in the mobile space?

Microsoft targets mass-market smartphones
Microsoft and Flextronics have developed a mobile phone platform for low-cost feature phones

Sendo pushes on with X2 smartphone
Having survived its legal wrangles with Microsoft, UK phone maker Sendo is putting music at the heart of its latest Series 60 smartphone

Mobile industry looks beyond 3G
The buzz around Cannes is that third-generation mobile technology is already being superseded

Nokia wants holistic approach to security
The Mighty Finn claims technology exists to nip the mobile security problem in the bud, as long as it is implemented in the right way

Motorola launches Skype alliance
The handset manufacturer is developing Wi-Fi compatible mobiles, and will bundle popular VoIP application Skype with the planned devices

Orange widens broadband arsenal
Orange is pushing forward on several fronts in an attempt to present itself as a provider of mobile broadband services

Mobile industry admits failing businesses
Key figures in the mobile industry have admitted they could be doing more for business users, rather than paying too much attention to video and mobile TV services

Linux paves way for cheaper smartphones
Enthusiasm is growing for the use of open source software in the mobile space, with a prototype Linux 3G phone on display this week

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