Microsoft may debut Surface Book 3, Surface Go 2 this spring

Microsoft typically holds a spring hardware launch. This year's likely announcement candidates include a refreshed Surface Book PC and Surface Go tablet, according to a new report.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

For a while now, Microsoft has introduced new Surface hardware primarily at two dedicated Microsoft hardware events each spring and fall. Given the expected spring hardware event is likely a couple of months away, it's time for the leaks and guesses to begin in earnest as to what Microsoft may unveil. 

A new report on Petri.com says Microsoft will take the wraps off its next-generation Windows 10-based Surface Book PC and Surface Go small-screen tablet this spring. Brad Sams, the author of the report, says the new Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2 will be more incremental than major updates of their respective predecessors.

Surface Book 3, Petri says, will include 10th-generation Intel processors and an option for Nvidia Quadro series graphics cards. The new Books also could increase the maximum RAM configuration to 32GB, with a 1TB SSD option available, Petri says. The Surface Go 2, may offer a Core m3 option, as rumors last fall indicated. There's no word on when or if Microsoft might offer an ARM-based Surface Go, Petri notes.

There's no guarantee that the delayed Surface Earbuds will be part of Microsoft's expected spring hardware event, Petri notes.

Since Microsoft's Surface Hub 2X is on hold, possibly indefinitely, that product is unlikely to be part of Microsoft's next hardware launch. I do wonder when the still-coming Surface Hub display and 84-inch Surface Hub 2S might be announced. So far, I haven't heard any new news on the timing front. 

There's also been talk of a new Surface dock coming at some point in the relatively near future. So maybe that could be on the spring hardware agenda, too?

Microsoft has not sent out any invitations or announcements about a spring hardware event, but if it follows past patterns, it will likely happen in New York City a few weeks ahead of Build. Build 2020 is in mid- May in Seattle.

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