Microsoft Office for iPad and Android tablets may be coming in November

We know that Microsoft Office is coming to the iPad and rumors also now state it will be coming to Android tablets. We do not yet have an official launch date, but we may see the application in November.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

In the past I wrote a couple of articles on using 3rd party applications on the iPad for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations and as you can see there are some very compelling applications available right now. However, people seem to still want the full native Microsoft Office suite on their tablets and according to BGR Office for the iPad and Android tablets may be launching in November of this year.

Mary Jo Foley previously covered the rumors of Office for the iPad and I think this is the first time the rumors are also stating that Android tablets may be supported as well. Given the growth in market share of Android tablets it makes sense for Microsoft to try to get their application on every major tablet platform. I have considered the ASUS Transformer Prime, especially with the slick integrated keyboard, and having something like Microsoft Office available may help devices like the Transformer.

I think there are some excellent existing 3rd party applications, but there are always some tradeoffs in compatability, formatting, and features. Thus, having Microsoft Office natively on the iPad and Android tablets will be a welcome addition as people look to do more on their tablets.

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