Microsoft on Trial: judge releases testimony to public

The judge overseeing the Microsoft antitrust trial has said that lawyers for both sides in the landmark antitrust case must surrender thousands of pages of previously unreleased pretrial testimony by April 28.
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson wrote the order to comply with provisions of the Publicity in Taking of Evidence Act of 1913, which requires that depositions taken in Sherman Antitrust Act cases be open to the public. Though Jackson made a similar ruling in August 1998, press and spectators could not be present for the testimony then, because Microsoft had appealed the ruling to a higher court. That court upheld Jackson in January. Lawyers have worked on and off since then to produce procedures for the documents' release.

News organisations -- including Inter@ctive Week parent Ziff-Davis, which had fought to open those depositions to the public -- will get copies of the transcripts free of charge. In addition, they may request videotapes of any or all of the testimony within the next 10 days.

Others may purchase transcripts and tapes from the Government Printing Office.

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