Microsoft quietly discontinues Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter

Microsoft is no longer making the Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapters that the company introduced in September 2013.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft is discontinuing one of the peripherals it announced in September 2013 for its Surface family of tablets.


The Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter -- a thin, cylindrical device which used Bluetooth wireless to connect Surface Type and Touch covers to monitors up to 30 feet away -- is no longer being manufactured.

“Due to a number of factors, we are no longer manufacturing the Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter," a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed. "We are always evaluating our options and remain committed to helping people be productive with Surface."

The spokesperson didn't comment on which factors, specifically, contributed to the decision to halt manufacturing.

The Wireless Keyboard Adapter, which sold for $59.99, is shown as being "out of stock" on the Microsoft online store. While there were some negative reviews of the peripheral from those who managed to buy it, quite a few others were positive. A few of those reviews noted that the Bluetooth drivers for the Surface were in need of updating to recognize the touch gestures Microsoft supports with Windows 8.1.

One of my readers told me that Microsoft had informed him that he wouldn't be able to replace his faulty Surface Keyboard Adapter and offered him a $20 promotional credit instead. The Microsoft Online Store support person said that the adapter would not be returning to stock any time in the forseeable future.

Microsoft has had issues keeping its Surface devices and peripherals in stock. The Surface dock seems to be back in stock now at Microsoft's Online Store after on-and-off availability. But I'm seeing the recently introduced Surface Power Covers as being unavailable again today. Microsoft's Online Store doesn't allow users to order items for future delivery if they are out of stock.


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