Microsoft removes 'Start' button from latest Windows 8 build

Windows 8 "Consumer Preview" version (build 8220) are missing the Start button.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Do you like the Windows 'Start' button? Well, if you do, you'd better get used to it being gone in Windows 8 because it seems that Microsoft has removed it from the latest builds of the operating system.

Here's a leaked screenshot from the near-final Windows 8 "Consumer Preview" version (build 8220) which comes to us via PCBeta.com:


Image credit: PCBeta.com

Note: More screenshots of this build can be found on PCBeta.com.

Notice the absence of the traditional Start button? I've reached out to a few contacts who confirm to me that the button has indeed been removed and replaced with a hotspot in the corner that will duplicate the functionality offered by the old button.

The Start button was first introduced in Windows 95, and has been present in every version of Windows since.

Now here's the real question ... does Microsoft intend to permanently remove the Start button, or is this a trial balloon and Microsoft is looking o see what the feedback from users will be?

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