Microsoft reveals Windows 8 upgrade pricing for the UK

Microsoft has confirmed the cost of upgrading a PC to Windows 8 - and that people who have bought a Windows 7 machine recently will get a discount.
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Microsoft has confirmed the price most UK users will need to pay to upgrade to Windows 8 — £24.99.

The cost of the UK upgrade, which allows users to download a copy of Windows 8 Pro, is pegged at an almost identical level to the US, where an upgrade will set consumers back $39.99.

Windows 8
Upgrade prices for Windows 8 in the UK and Europe have been announced.

There's a slight discount for UK users who have recently bought, or are planning to buy a Windows 7 PC, however: anyone buying a Windows 7 machine between 2 June, 2012 and 31 January, 2013 will be able to get their hands on Windows 8 for a tenner less, at £14.99. 

US users will get to pay less though, with an upgrade from Windows 7 at just $14.99 – one-third less than the UK price. European users will also get a better deal than their UK counterparts, paying €14.99 — around £11.85.

The offer applies to the Home Basic; Home Premium; Professional and Ultimate versions of Windows 7, but not the Starter edition. More details are available on the Windows Upgrade site.

Windows 8 will go on general release on 26 October, three days before the launch of Windows Phone 8.

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