Microsoft rolls out new software, services for Apple, Nokia phones

To kick off the week, Microsoft is releasing new software and services for the iPhone and Nokia E series phones. There's a new version of Live Messenger for Apple's mobile platforms, and a Communicator client for Nokia's.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

To kick off the week, Microsoft is releasing new software and services for the iPhone and Nokia E series phones.

On June 20, Microsoft began rolling out an updated version of its Windows Live Messenger instant-messaging service for the Apple iPhone. On June 21, it began delivering the unified communications client for Nokia E Series devices which Microsoft and Nokia promised last year would be done by 2010.

The new Windows Live Messenger client Version 1.01 works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. In addition to providing IM and push-notification functionality, it also provides users with the ability to view updates from their contacts from a variety of social networks, including Hotmail, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace. The new Windows Live Messenger for Apple is available for download from the U.S., U.K., French and Candian Apple Stores.

Update: I was wondering if the new Live Messenger client was multitasking-enabled. It turns out it's not; Microsoft decided to release it a day ahead of the Apple iOS multitasking-enabled phone OS, rather than wait to update it to take advantage of the new OS.

On the Nokia front, Microsoft and Nokia are delivering an integrated Office Communicator client for Nokia E52 and E72 phones. The English version of the new Communicator client is available for download from the Nokia Ovi store as of June 21.

(I think the official name for this new piece of software is "Microsoft Exchange Mobile for Nokia devices supported by Microsoft Communicator, Office Mobile and SharePoint Mobile." At least that's what the press release seems to indicate. Maybe you can call it "Microsoft Exchange Mobile" for short?)

The integrated Communicator client includes a user's contacts' presence information, enabling users to decide whether to IM, e-mail, text or call those contacts depending on their availability.

Nokia and Microsoft announced in August 2009 their intention to provide Symbian-based Nokia phone users with Microsoft's Office Mobile and Communicator products. Microsoft and Nokia said in the future, the new Communicator Mobile client will be pre-installed "on select Nokia smartphones" and will broaden support to other Nokia devices, including the Nokia E5.

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