Microsoft rolls out Universal Windows 10 Power BI apps

Microsoft is rolling out Universal Windows Platform versions of its Power BI apps for Windows 10 PCs and tablets, in addition to phones.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Just a few weeks after delivering a Universal Windows Platform version of its Power BI app for Windows 10 Mobile phones, Microsoft is rolling it out for Windows 10 PCs and tablets, too.


The updated Power BI apps, downloadable for free from the Windows Store starting January 26, are optimized for touch. The Universal Windows Platform version of the app also will work on Microsoft's coming Surface Hub videoconferencing systems -- once they start shipping, that is.

The Power BI app also supports Continuum for phones, so that users who want to connect their phones to a display dock will see the Power BI app adjust to fit the screen size and resolution.

Slowly but surely, developers seem to be updating their Windows apps to be Universal Windows Platform apps. Last week, Dropbox rolled out Universal Windows Platform version of its cloud-storage apps, starting with those supporting Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

With Windows 8, developers still needed to write multiple versions of their applications for different device targets. But writing a Windows 10 app as a Universal Windows App means the bulk of a developer's code will work on not just Windows 10 PCs, but also Windows Phones, Xbox One consoles, and at some point, the HoloLens augmented reality glasses,

Microsoft officials continue to maintain that convincing developers to write for one of its platforms may well translate into apps for multiple form factors.

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