Microsoft shows demo videos of Twitter & Netflix Windows Phone 7 apps

Windows Phone 7 is just around the corner and Microsoft is taking major steps to ensure developers are on board. They posted a video showing some key apps, like Twitter and Netflix.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I have been following the Windows Phone 7 news and am very excited about the platform for a couple of reasons. As you know I had the chance to try out the Technical Preview for a few weeks and have decided my next T-Mobile device will be a Windows Phone 7 model, hopefully one from HTC. Microsoft posted that the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools have now gone final after WP7 went gold a couple of weeks ago. Microsoft has made developers a MAJOR focus of the Windows Phone 7 campaign and as you can see in the post linked to above they stated that the Marketplace is opening in early October (hopefully with devices launching then too).

One of the gaps in Windows Phone 7 that I mentioned was the lack of Twitter support. It turns out that one of the app demo videos they have now posted is for a Twitter app and it looks pretty good. I am personally looking forward to the Seesmic Twitter app we have been hearing about lately. Microsoft also has included other apps in the demo video, including Netflix (includes playing movies), Flixster, OpenTable, and Travelocity. I think we are going to be satisfied by the number and quality of apps launching near the Windows Phone 7 launch and am getting even more excited as fall approaches.

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