Microsoft signs Android patent deal with Voxx Electronics

Microsoft has added Voxx Electronics to its list of Android patent licensees.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft may be considering ways to entice Android developers and handset makers to join the Windows world, but that isn't stopping the Redmond company from continuing to exact patent licensing fees from those using Android.


On February 13, Microsoft signed its latest patent licensing agreement with Voxx Electronics Corp., formerly known as Audiovox Electronics Corp. The agreement covers Voxx devices running the Android OS,"including rear-seat entertainment devices, tablets and other consumer devices."

The terms of the deal are confidential, however Microsoft will receive royalties from Voxx under the agreement, according to the press release about the deal.

Microsoft has signed a number of similar patent-licensing deals with companies using Android and Chrome OS, under which those companies agree to pay Microsoft undisclosed fees to cover unspecified patented Microsoft technologies that are part of these Google operating systems.

Microsoft previously signed patent licenses with Samsung, LG, HTC, Acer, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and more.

For Microsoft, patent licensing is believed to be one of the company's billion-dollar businesses in its own right.

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