Microsoft SQL Server starter kit

New to SQL Server? Download our Microsoft SQL Server QuickStart Guide to get cracking.
Written by Steven Warren, Contributor
Getting a good start in any new technology or programming language often depends on finding the best available information. The Builder.com QuickStart Tools give you the information you need to quickly grasp the fundamentals of developing in a new IDE, using a new programming language, or working with a new development tool.
Besides explaining the basics, the Builder.com Microsoft SQL Server QuickStart Tool shows you common tasks, exposes strengths and weaknesses, demonstrates some of the best uses of the technology, and lists a variety of other online and offline resources that can help you build a solid foundation of practical knowledge.
Getting started with SQL can be a daunting task—where do you start? You could start by downloading our free Quick Start guide to SQL Server.
The PDF contains detailed instructions on creating and working with SQL Server databases as well as instructions for some common tasks to help you get started learning about SQL Server. Have fun!
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