Microsoft cuts $100 off base Surface Pro 3 price, launches trade-in program

Discounts on the tablet have been extended through the end of February, while trading in an old Surface can get you as much as $650 toward a new Surface Pro 3.
Written by Sean Portnoy, Contributor

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft slashed $100 off the price of any new Surface Pro 3 -- except the base configuration. It also planned to end the deal on February 7.

But not only has the company extended the deadline for its sale to February 28, it's also extended the discount across the product line. That means the cheapest Surface Pro 3 is now $100 cheaper as well -- down to $699.

If that weren't enough, Microsoft is now dangling a further enticement to potential buyers: a trade-in program. Owners of older Surface models can exchange their tablets for credit towards a new Surface Pro 3. The company claims you can get up to $650 in trade-in value.

Not surprisingly, you earn the most credit turning in a Surface Pro 3, which would only make sense if you want to upgrade to a more powerful version. You'll get much less for an original 32GB Surface RT without a keyboard cover -- just $84 -- while a 64GB Surface Pro 2 without keyboard cover snares you $189.

The motives behind Microsoft's recent moves to spur Surface Pro 3 sales are unclear. While such price cuts typically indicate struggling sales, that doesn't appear to be the case with Microsoft's pro-level tablet. Another theory is that the Surface Pro 4 is on the horizon, and the company is trying to clear out inventory in anticipation of the the new slates.

Either way, the next 10 days could be the best time to purchase a new Surface Pro 3 (unless it extends the deadline yet again). Have the price cuts and trade-in program piqued your interest in buying Microsoft's flagship tablet? Let us know your thoughts in the Talkback section below.

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