Microsoft targets startups with $500 million in Azure-related resources

Microsoft is launching a new program aimed at attracting more startups to its Azure cloud.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft has been pushing hard to get independent software vendors to move to Azure. Now it's upping its focus on getting startups on its cloud.


Microsoft unveiled on February 14 a new program called "Microsoft for Startups." Via the program, Microsoft has pledged to provide $500 million to startups over the next two years in the form of credits, tools, co-selling resources and more.

Microsoft is offering startups co-selling resources to help get startups ready to sell to the enterprise in partnership with Microsoft; free cloud credits and technical support; development tools to help them build on Azure; and access to Microsoft Reactors, which are workspaces that Microsoft has in various cities.

Microsoft is offering these new incentives alongside its Microsoft Ventures venture-funding program and its Microsoft ScaleUp (formerly Microsoft Acclerators) program for late-stage and series-A startups.

More details about the new program are available on the dedicated Microsoft for Startups web site.

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