Microsoft teases launch of a new Surface device

Microsoft's new low-end Surface device could launch as soon as July 10, based on hints from Microsoft's Surface Twitter account.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Video: Microsoft goes after the iPad with low-cost Surface Go

Microsoft's Surface account on Twitter looks to be teasing the launch of a new member of the Surface family.

Credit: Microsoft

On July 9, @Surface tweeted: "Where will Surface go next?"

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The accompanying image shows many of the current members of the Surface family: A Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Studio and Surface Laptop.

Microsoft has been rumored to be working on a new Surface device, likely to be branded "Surface Go," based on at least one developer's recent tweet. As previously reported, this is expected to be a smaller-screen, $399 device powered by a lower-end Intel processor.

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While a number of those responding to the Surface tweet seem to think that Microsoft is teasing the launch of its long-rumored dual-screen Andromeda mobile device, they're wrong. As I reported last week, Microsoft has temporarily (and possibly permanently) shelved Andromeda because the software isn't ready and the device doesn't yet have a clear purpose/niche.

As I've also reported before, I don't think Microsoft will be launching revamped versions of the Surface Laptop or Surface Pro until this fall.

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As several people have noted, the Surface device screens in the image say "July 10" and show a time of 6:00. This could imply the launch of the new device is slated for tomorrow, possibly at 6:00 am. PT.

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