Microsoft to give Sticky Notes a major facelift as part of its tasks push

Microsoft is readying a number of new features as part of its next release of Sticky Notes, including some cross-Windows-device synchronization. Cross-platform iOS/Android support is on the agenda, as well.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft has a lot of different to-do/planning/tasks applications and services. One which some may overlook in tallying that list is Sticky Notes. As part of the first of two expected feature updates to Windows 10 next year, Microsoft will be adding a lot of new features to Sticky Notes.

The Sticky Notes team has been teasing many of the coming features on Twitter, noting that they will be coming soon to "Skip Ahead" Windows 10 testers as part of the so-called 19H1 release expected around April 2019.

On the list of imminent new Sticky Notes Version 3.0 features, according to recent tweets:

  • Sticky Notes will sync across users' various Windows devices
  • Users will be able to "tuck away" Sticky Notes and retrieve them using search
  • Support for assistive techs including Narrator, high contrast
  • A new "Charcoal"/dark theme
  • New formatting bar on Notes, allowing users to "stylize' their Stick Notes content
Credit: Microsoft

Sticky Notes has been bundled with various versions of Windows for years, but version 3.0 also will be available as a standalone Microsoft Store app.

As reported by Paul Thurrott on Thurrott.com, Microsoft also is working to make Sticky Notes cross-platform, so they be available on their Android and iOS devices via the cloud. It's not clear when this particular capability will be added; it may or may not be in Sticky Notes 3.0.

Corporate Vice President Joe Belfiore is overseeing the OneNote and Wunderlist/To-Do businesses, along with the Windows client experiences team. One of Belfiore's missions is to more tightly integrate iOS and Android phones with Windows PCs by sharing certain apps/experiences across those platforms.

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