Microsoft: To spam or not to spam

To spam or not to spam, it's all in the presentation. See if you can spot if this is a genuine email from Microsoft, or a semi-elaborate spam mesage.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

It's not often that I get spam through to my university email account, mostly on the part that I am careful with who I subscribe to using the email address given to me. No doubt through subscribing to certain services through a single email account would determine which subscription providers were selling on addresses to spammers.

So as you would expect, I was surprised when I got this strangely outdated-looking email from Microsoft, stating that my subscription to Hotmail Plus (more space, no advertisements and a few other features) was due to expire. But every bone in my body screamed out to me that I should take this email with a pinch of salt even though I have a Hotmail Plus subscription.

Here's what I saw, and with your knowledge of spam which you have received, come to your own conclusions.


So, out of interest and by using a totally democratic process through a voting system, let's see what the vast majority of you think, and then you can draw your own conclusions from the answer.

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Afterwards, you can find the answer here.

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