Microsoft to start rolling out Windows 10 developer kit builds to Insiders

Microsoft will begin releasing previews of its Windows 10 software development kit and related emulators to Windows 10 Insiders before the end of June.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Before June is over, Microsoft will start releasing previews of its Windows 10 software development kit (SDK) to its Insider testers.In a June 22 blog post,


Microsoft officials said Insiders should expect to start seeing release previews of the Windows 10 SDK "more often."

Microsoft made available in late April a first test build of its Windows 10 developer tools, which are designed to help developers build Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps and to submit them to the Store. Those tools were installed by default as part of the Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate. Microsoft has not yet rolled out any public SDK previews through its Insider channel since that time even though that was to be the plan.

From yesterday's blog post:

"Our goal is to release a Windows 10 SDK preview that corresponds to OS flights delivered through the Windows 10 Insider Preview Fast Ring. As part of these preview releases, we will also release a matching version of the Windows 10 Mobile emulator. While we'll do our best to align with the OS release schedule, it is possible that not every OS release will bring an updated SDK."

Windows 10 is designed to run Windows 8.1 Store apps, and Windows 10 Mobile to run Windows Phone 8.1 Store apps. But company officials are still suggesting developers test their apps to verify that they work as intended on Windows 10 and so they can update them to take advantage of new Windows 10 features, such as Cortana integration.

Microsoft also has made information available for Windows developers who are interested in turning their websites into "hosted" apps that will be available in the coming Windows Store. That effort is codenamed "Project Westminster," and is one of four "bridges" Microsoft announced at Build 2015 to get more apps in the new Windows 10 Store.

I think Microsoft's goal is to roll out the Windows 10 developer tools for Visual Studio 2015 at the same time as the company starts rolling out Windows 10, based on the way yesterday's blog post is worded. ("We are working to deliver the Windows 10 developer tools for Visual Studio 2015 with the release of Windows 10," the post says.) However, when I tried to verify this, a spokesperson said Microsoft officials are not ready say when Microsoft plans to make generally available Visual Studio 2015 -- beyond "some time this summer." Visual Studio 2015 is available in near-final release candidate form at the moment.

Officials also still are not commenting as to the date when developers can start submitting their apps for inclusion in the new universal Windows Store.

Windows 10 for PCs and tablets will start rolling out July 29. Windows 10 Mobile for phones and small tablets is coming later this year, most likely starting this fall.

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