Microsoft trying to make Vista iPod-friendly

The software maker posts several patches, including one to resolve a problem that could leave the music players corrupted.
Written by Ina Fried, Contributor
Microsoft released several patches for Windows Vista on Tuesday, including one designed to put the iPod and the new operating system back on speaking terms.

The software maker issued a patch that is designed to fix a problem that had left iPods vulnerable to being corrupted if Vista users select the operating system's Safely Remove Hardware option to eject the music player.

Apple had resolved several Vista compatibility issues in iTunes, but has continued to warn users to only use the eject function within iTunes to remove an iPod in Vista.

Microsoft and Apple representatives were not immediately available for comment.

Microsoft posted several other updates, including one aimed at fixing a problem that could have resulted in Canon EOS-1D users losing images if metadata was added to RAW files. Another update attempts to solve a video quality problem that some people were seeing when using video in interlaced mode, the type of video used by standard television.

The updates were noted earlier Tuesday by Windows enthusiast site Activewin.com.

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