Microsoft updates Office for Mac 2011 to include Office 365 activation

A new minor update for Office 2011 for Mac adds activation support for use as part of Microsoft's newest Office 365 subscription services.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft made available this week an update to its Office for Mac 2011 product which includes some fixes, plus activation support so that it can be installed as part of Microsoft's newest Office 365 subscription offerings.


Those who want to use Office for Mac 2011 as one of their 5 installs in Office 365 Home Premium or one of their 2 installs in Office 365 Univeristy can grab this update, which is designated as 14.3. It requires Mac OS X version 10.5.8 or later.

And just because I know many Office Mac users are curious, there's still no word on when Microsoft plans to make the next version of Office for Mac available -- or what will be included, feature-wise.

“The new Office for Mac typically ships 12 months after the new Office for Windows, and subscribers will automatically get the new app when available," a Microsoft spokesperson said when I asked.

In addition to adding activation for Office 365 Home Premium and Office 365 University, the 14.3 update fixes the following issues:

  • Meeting invitation times are displayed inaccurately in Outlook for Mac
  • Slides in collapsed sections cover other slides in Slide Sorter view in PowerPoint for Mac
  • Hash tags (#) in hyperlinks aren't saved correctly in PowerPoint for Mac
  • Crash occurs when you use Paste Special with a partial table in PowerPoint for Mac
  • RTF text that's saved in PowerPoint for Windows can't be pasted into PowerPoint for Mac

Paul Thurrott has more about the Office for Mac experience that's part of Office 365 Home Premium.

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