Microsoft updates Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview bits

Microsoft is getting closer to making Windows Phone 8.1 available publicly. The company will launch the first phone preloaded with WP 8.1, the Lumia 630, this week in Asia.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft is getting closer to launching the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.


On May 14, company officials told those running the WP 8.1 Developer Preview bits they could grab updated bits that include various bug fixes, as well as improvements to battery life

Microsoft initially made the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer preview bits available in mid-April to anyone who was willing to register as a developer (whether they actually develop software or not). Here's how to get access to the preview bits to run on existing Windows Phone 8 devices if you haven't already.

To get the updated developer preview bits, users can go to "Settings" and then "Phone Update" and check for updates.

The Lumia 630 -- the first Windows Phone preloaded with Windows Phone 8.1 -- is going on sale in Asia this week (as well as in Europe, according to a few readers). The 630 features a 4.5-inch LCD screen and quad-core Snapdragon processor. The Lumia 630 and Lumia 630 dual-SIM are expected to be available for around 119€ before taxes and subsidies (for the single-SIM variant), and 129€ before taxes and subsidises for the dual-SIM one.

Windows Phone 8.1 includes the Cortana personal assistant (starting with U.S. availability), new Start screen background options, an Action/Notification center, Word Flow keyboard and built-in enterprise-focused features.


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