Microsoft venture with GE gets a name and a CEO

The joint venture created by Microsoft and GE Healthcare late last year, now known officially as Caradigm, is moving forward with products and plans.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

The healthcare-focused joint venture Microsoft formed with General Electric at the end of 2011 now has an official name: Caradigm.

Microsoft announced the new name (a play on care and paradigm) on February 13. (Blogger Manan Kakar noted last month that Microsoft and GE trademarked "Caradigm.") Caradim will demonstrate "future capabilities" at HIMSS12,the healthcare IT trade show, next week, according to Microsoft officials.

Microsoft and GE also announced the board of director slate for Caradigm, whose CEO will be former GE exec Michael Simpson. Regulatory approval for the venture is still pending in the U.S. The European Commission antitrust authorities gave the new venture the green light on February 13. (Thanks to ZDNetter @zackwhittaker for the heads up on the EC approval.)

Caradigm is where Microsoft moved almost all of the people and products that formerly were part of its Health Services Group. (The exception is the HealthVault service and team, which remains part of Microsoft.) Microsoft officials have declined to say exactly how many former Softies are moving to the new venture.

Among the Microsoft technologies Microsoft is offloading to Caradigm are the Amalga data aggregation system for hospitals, and the Sentillion healthcare identity-management products. GE is contributing a couple of its healthcare software products to the new venture, as well.

Microsoft bought Sentillion in December 2010. Amalga is based on the Azyxxi assets Microsoft bought back in 2006.

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