Microsoft, Workday to integrate Office 365 and Workday finance, HR apps

Microsoft's newly-inked integration deal with Workday comes just before Microsoft is expected to launch its own new ERP/financials service, Dynamics 365.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft's partnership binge is continuing.


The latest to announce an integration/cooperation-pact with Microsoft is Workday.

Microsoft and Workday will work together to integrate Office 365 and Microsoft analytics tools with Workday's cloud-based finance and HR applications, the pair revealed on September 27.

The pair will enable Office 365 Groups to work with workday applications, so that changes made in Workday will automatically be reflected in Groups. They also are committing to get Microsoft Flow and Workday's dynamic business process framework to share information.

The two companies also plan to connect Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) with the Microsoft Graph. Microsoft Graph is the set of programming interfaces for extending and connecting Microsoft apps and services. Using Microsoft's Delve Analytics (rechristened this week as "MyAnalytics"), Workday users will be able to see how they're spending their work time.

Delivery of these various integrations will begin in the second quarter of 2017 and continue beyond that.

Microsoft is in the midst of revamping its own ERP and CRM strategy with its upcoming Dynamics 365 service. Microsoft is expected to launch officially the first piece of Dynamics 365, a small-business financials service codenamed "Madeira," on or around October 11.

Microsoft has inked integration deals with other companies in the productivity space, including Salesforce and IBM. Microsoft is in the midst of acquiring LinkedIn, which the company is expected to use to build out its human-capital-management stable.

According to the Seattle Times, about 1,100 companies currently use both Microsoft and Workday productivity products and services.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced updates to its existing partnership with Adobe, via which Adobe will make some of its services for creative professionals available on Azure, and integrate its Marketing services more tightly with Microsoft's offerings.

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