Microsoft's Bing search share up to 9.3 percent

Bing's U.S. search share is up to 9.3 percent of the market, according to the August data that researcher comScore has begun rolling out.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

There are lots of different analyses of search share, but I try to be consistent and always cite data from a single researcher, so that it's an oranges to oranges comparison.

ComScore, the researcher I cite, hasn't released its search data to the public or press yet for the month of August. But it looks like it has made it available to Wall Street.

The results (according to a second-hand account from JP Morgan):

  • Bing's U.S. query share was up to 9.3 percent for August. It was 8.9 percent in July. (Microsoft launched Bing in early June.)
  • Yahoo's U.S. search share held constant from July to August, with 19.3 percent share.
  • Google saw its U.S. search share dip slightly (by 0.1 percent) to 64.6 percent share in August.

Microsoft is rolling out incremental updates to Bing on a monthly basis and is planning a bigger Bing update for later this fall.

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