Microsoft's Build 2012 developer conference sells out in an hour

Microsoft has not posted an agenda, yet version 2.0 of its cross-platform developer conference, with a heavy focus on Windows 8, has sold out.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

At 8 am PT on 8/8, Microsoft opened registration for its second Build developer conference.


An hour later, those attempting to sign up were getting a "We're full. Keep calm and join the wait list" message.
There is no published agenda for Build 2012, just as there was not a public agenda provided in advance for the first Build conference, held in September 2011.
According to the Build 2012 site, in addition to discussing Windows 8, Microsoft engineers who will be on hand at the event also will be sharing information about Windows Phone 8, Windows Azure, Xbox (I'm assuming about the fall dashboard update and not about the next Xbox console), Office 365, Bing, Visual Studio 2012 and Internet Explorer.
But Windows 8 is expected to be the star of the Build 2012 show. The Build 2012 site mentions that a big focus of the show will be on "How to design and build beautiful Windows 8 apps. How to sell your apps in the Windows 8 Store and make money."
There are about 450 Windows 8 apps (meaning those apps formerly called Metro-Style apps, which write to the WinRT API) in the Windows Store at present.
Microsoft officials said earlier this year that Microsoft would be replacing its Mix show with a new developer conference to be held in 2012. A couple of weeks ago, officials said the second Build would be held on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Wash., from October 30 to November 2.

I don't know what "capacity" is for this event (I've asked; no word back so far). I also do not know if Microsoft is planning to webcast keynotes and some sessions and record all others for public consumption as it did last year. (I've also asked and no word back.)

Update: It sounds like there is a plan to make Build 2012 content, though I'm not sure how much of it, available online. A spokesperson sent me the following statement from General Manager of Developer and Platform Evangelism, Tim O’Brien: "For those unable to attend, there will be a world class online experience and local developer events throughout the world. "

The timing of Build 2012 -- the week after Windows 8 is generally available and Surface RT devices are expected to be in Microsoft's stores -- makes me wonder what new Windows 8 tidbits we'll hear there. Windows Phone 8 is expected, according to my sources, to have RTM'd a month earlier (September 2012), if Microsoft stays its current course.


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