Microsoft's server roadmaps: Windows Server, SQL Server, Office 365 and more

Want more information on where Microsoft's private- and public-cloud server products are headed? Check out our on-demand Webcast and "cheat sheet."
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Last week, I served up one of ZDNet's Webcasts dedicated to the future of Microsoft's various server products. In just about an hour, I whipped through the roadmaps I've been able to assemble for a wide variety of Microsoft product families, including Windows Server, Windows Azure, SQL Server, SQL Azure, Office 365, the coming Office 15 servers, System Center and more.

The Microsoft Server Roadmap Webcast is now available on demand (registration is required, but if you've already registered for any ZDNet content before, you're good to download). As an added bonus, I compiled all my notes for the Microsoft Server Webcast into a multi-page "cheat sheet," which also is freely downloadable with registration.

As Microsoft customers, partners and company watchers know, it's not so easy to get roadmap data out of most teams at the company any more. I've culled a number of sources -- and mixed in various tips -- to come up with what I've got. If you watch/read and catch any errors, let me know. (All tips are treated as confidential unless contributors ask to be mentioned.)

Are there other Microsoft product roadmaps you're interested in learning about? If so, let me know and I'll do my best to assemble them.

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