Microsoft's Surface, Apple's iPad in customer satisfaction dead heat

Hybrid devices are faring well in customer satisfaction and garnering more engagement, according to J.D. Power.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Devices like Microsoft's Surface, Apple's iPad Pro and a bevy of 2-in-1 devices are leading to an increase in customer satisfaction as well as more engagement, according to J.D. Power.

The ratings firm said in its latest tablet satisfaction survey that the idea of a convergence device is far from dead. Customer satisfaction for hybrid devices is 11 points higher than tablets.

Overall, Microsoft and Apple are in a dead heat in terms of satisfaction with the Surface and iPad, respectively.


J.D. Power noted:

Among hybrid tablet owners, usage is higher than among non-hybrid device owners when using Microsoft Office (1.0 hour vs. 0.6 hours for non-hybrids); browsing the Internet (4.5 hours vs. 4.1); using social media (2.4 hours vs. 2.2); and texting/instant messaging (1.1 hours vs. 0.9).

Hybrid tablet owners also pay for more apps.

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Given the data, it's no surprise that vendors are on the 2-in-1 device bandwagon. There's also the money factor. The average customer spent $444 for a hybrid device relative to $277 for a tablet.

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