Microsoft's updated Skype Desktop app for Windows, Mac sheds 'preview' tag

Microsoft's updated Skype Desktop for consumers, which works on Windows PCs and Macs, is generally available.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft's redesigned version of its Skype consumer application for Windows and Mac desktop users is no longer in preview as of today, October 30.

Credit: Microsoft

Like the new and still-evolving Skype for mobile client, the new desktop version includes more theme personalization, chat list and @mentions. Microsoft made a preview of this new Skype Desktop app available in August 2017.

The final version of the Skype consumer desktop app is starting to roll out today. Those using the existing Win32 Skype Desktop app can continue to do so for now, as Microsoft still hasn't declared an official retirement date for the current Skype Desktop app. (This is expected to happen at some point, but officials still are not saying when.)

Those who do want the redesigned Skype Desktop can manually download and install the app if they want from Microsoft's Skype.com site. Or users with Skype for Mac, the Windows 10 November 2015 feature update and lower, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Linux and are using automatic updates will receive the new client in time from Microsoft. Those running newer versions of Windows 10 will receive an update shortly to add in new features supported in this release, officials said.

Just a reminder: Microsoft is working to eventually replace the Skype for Business client application with Microsoft Teams. There's no official end date yet as to when the Skype for Business client will be pulled, however. The migration will take at least a year and most likely longer, based on Microsoft's Skype for Business-to-Teams migration roadmap.


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