Microsoft's Windows Phone Mango Commercial Release 2: What's inside

The just-announced Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone is running Mango Commercial Release 2. What is this beast?
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Keen-eyed Windows Phone watchers may have noticed this week a seemingly new operating-system version listed on the Nokia Lumia 900 spec list: Mango Commercial Release 2.

What is this thing? Could it be "Tango1" -- the TangoMango thing that supposedly is/was the next version of the Windows Phone operating system to follow Mango (a k a Windows Phone OS 7.1)?

Nope. Microsoft officials confirmed this week that Mango Commercial Release 2 is just Mango plus the 8107 service release. (The 8107 release is the bunch of Windows Phone fixes anchored by the "disappearing keyboard" fix.)

Microsoft officials said late last week that the company had delivered the 8107 service release to its carrier partners and that it would be up to them as to when, how and if they rolled it out to existing Windows Phone customers.

A couple of other Windows Phone tidbits -- beyond the Windows Phone LTE news from earlier this week:

And how bout that big Nokia ad for the Lumia 710 splashed across the New York Times Web site today?

Here comes the real Windows Phone marketing ... in the U.S, at least (and at last).

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