Mirantis moves into ZeroOps by acquiring amazee.io

Mirantis claims it can make it possible for developers to move web applications and websites to the Kubernetes-based cloud in mere hours.
Written by Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Senior Contributing Editor

Following its earlier moves to becoming a developer company, Mirantis has acquired amazee.io, an open-source web application delivery firm based on Kubernetes. Amazee.io's claim to fame is that it's a ZeroOps company.

ZeroOps is a NoOps variant. The name of the game here is to automate and abstract the underlying infrastructure, so programmers can focus on building code that can easily and transparently be moved from their desktops to production. 

The idea's core is in amazee.io's open-source project Lagoon. This is an Apache 2.0-licensed application delivery platform for cloud-native application deployment, management, security, and operation. 

As Franz Karlsberger, amazee.io's CEO, explained in a press release, "We built amazee.io as a developer-centric software delivery hub for modern applications -- abstracting away infrastructure so developers can be more successful. Being part of Mirantis will allow us to accelerate our product roadmap. Customers can expect us to invest even more in research and development and add support for all major web technologies and frameworks."

Adrian Ionel, Mirantis's co-founder and CEO, agreed, "Today's developers face increasingly complex infrastructures, greater demand to do more, often with less, and all with fewer resources than ever. Amazee.io and Lagoon are the easiest way for developers to take advantage of the latest cloud services without having to be cloud or Kubernetes experts."

Specifically, Michael Schmid, amazee.io's CTO, explained that with Lagoon, developers don't have to "go through the pain of learning Kubernetes before they can even deploy a single line of code into Kubernetes." 

Schmid added, "The trick behind Lagoon is that it runs in Kubernetes and works with popular tools like Helm, Prometheus, Grafana, and many others while it does not require any knowledge of Kubernetes for developers."

Mirantis will offer amazee.io as part of its existing Kubernetes Lens integrated development environment (IDE). It will be available immediately for Lens users. 

If you already have Kubernetes up and running, you can put it to work with Lagoon-as-a-Service (LaaS). With LaaS, you can install the Lagoon Remote Agent in your existing Kubernetes clusters. Once there, you connect it with the amazee.io-managed Lagoon Core, and you're ready to deploy. 

Again, this underlines the ZeroOps aspect of the program, By removing the work of installing and managing Lagoon Core, programmers can focus on developing great applications and not mastering Kubernetes. 

Having known my fair share of programmers who would rather have a root canal than become Kubernetes experts, I think this pairing of Lens and Lagoon will prove very popular. 

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