mm02 and T-Mobile get network sharing go-ahead

That'll save a bob or two...
Written by Graham Hayday, Contributor

That'll save a bob or two...

mmO2 and T-Mobile may be allowed to share the costs of rolling out their 3G infrastructure in the UK. The two companies have got preliminary regulatory approval from the European Commission (EC) to co-operate in Germany, and are optimistic that they will soon get the green light to work together in the UK as well. The move could save the mobile network operators up to £3.2bn by sharing base stations, antennae and other elements of their networks. Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile's parent company) and mmO2 first announced their intention to co-operate last September (http://www.silicon.com/a47610 ). But they're not alone in their efforts to ensure the billions paid out on licences don't become a millstone around their necks. Hutchison and Vodafone in the UK have also examined the possibilities of co-operating to save money (http://www.silicon.com/a45429 ). KPN's mobile operator E-Plus has a similar cost-sharing agreement with Group 3G, the German-based consortium owned by Spain's Telefonica and Finland's Sonera, while mmO2 has also been in discussions over network sharing with KPN in Holland.
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