Mmm, mobile: 'Simpsons' goes cellular

Ringtones, voicetones, wallpapers and screensavers based on series to be offered for $10 monthly subscription.
Written by Reuters/Hollywood Reporter, Contributor
Homer and Marge Simpson have taken the mobile plunge.

Through a collaboration between News Corp.-owned Fox Mobile Entertainment and its acquired mobile entertainment company Jamba, fans of Fox's The Simpsons can now purchase ringtones, voicetones, wallpapers and screensavers based on the series just in time for the July 27 release of The Simpsons Movie.

Mobile products based on the series will be offered through a single brand subscription dubbed the Yellow Plan, the first mobile subscription plan built around one brand. At $9.99 a month, subscribers can make use of six "credits" to purchase content.

The show's writers and actors are involved in the creation of the products devoted to the Simpsons franchise.

"If you look at the fan site and the blogs, there's such a hunger for Simpsons content, and we thought people wanted a closer connection where you can subscribe and get special exclusive stuff created for you by the creators of The Simpsons," Jamba CEO Lucy Hood said. "This Jamba venture offers content in 35 countries and five continents. The Simpsons will be out across that universe."

Ringtones will include classic Simpsons lines like "Woo-hoo!" and "Mmm ... doughnuts." Musical ringtones also will be available, among them a jazz version of The Simpsons theme song. New content will be available every month.

Additionally, Yellow Plan subscribers will have access to The Simpsons: Minutes to Meltdown, a mobile game created by Electronic Arts.

The subscription plan is available through all carriers, but the mobile game will not be supported on Verizon or Virgin Mobile carriers at launch.

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