MO could be the next OH - or FL

Super close Senate race - plus voter ID law and court decisions - may create grounds for foul play on both sides.
Written by Richard Koman, Contributor

Missouri. The new Ohio (and Florida.)

That's what Missouri election officials are afraid of. The trouble is no different than in other states - potential disasters from e-voting machines (due to malfunction, poll judge error and at least accusations of tampering) and confusion over a voter ID law. But Missouri is the hotbed of interest because of a very close Senate race, which could be all the difference between a split Congress or one controlled by the Democrats, The Washington Post reports.

"I feel a little like somebody in New Orleans the weekend before Katrina hit," said St. Louis attorney Mark "Thor" Hearne, who was the chief election lawyer for the 2004 Bush-Cheney campaign and now is counsel to a conservative group working to prevent voting fraud. "I really, really, really hope Missouri does not find itself in the cross hairs," he said. But teams of lawyers care ready.

Democrats say voters may be confused or intimidated by poll workers demanding photo ID. The state passed a law requiring ID for voters but it was struck down by a court. Republican say fraud is a very real worry since four workers for a liberal election group, ACORN, were indicted for filing false voter registration forms.

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