Mobile app makes it simpler to manage events

If your small business hosts lots of meetings or seminars, it may want to look at new features in Constant Contact's EventSpot offering.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Chances are that you personally use at least one mobile application to either "check in" to specific businesses you frequent or manage certain transactions, such as buying your daily cup of coffee.

But have you ever thought about how this sort of thing might help your own company manage an event, a seminar or even a concert? Especially when it comes to on-site registration or transactions? Chances are, the answer is "yes."

That's the focus of new mobile features that are part of EventSpot, an online event management service that is part of Constant Contact. 

The enhancements include a check-in application that streamlines ticketing and check-in processes. Physical tickets printed for an event ahead of time include a QR code, along with name, payment status and other guest information. So when people are scanned in, much more information is collected than usual.

In addition, EventSpot has been integrated with the Passbook service that is included on Apple iPhones. Attendees can download an event ticket as a digital pass that is stored there (without requiring them to download another specific mobile app or to print the ticket out). From the planning side, that means managers can keep better tabs on who shows up and who doesn't.

"The savings, both time and money, that mobile technologies present to our customers are huge," said Chris Litser, vice president and general manager of the service. "With these mobile integrations, EventSpot is putting our small business and non-profit customers at the forefront of mobile innovation in event management."

The EventSpot service is priced starting at $20 per month (for managing up to one event per month).


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