Mobile by Peak Design: Cases, mounts, and tripods secure your phone everywhere

Peak Design is known for making outstanding products for photographers and just launched a new Kickstarter campaign focused on helping you secure and use your smartphone in various situations. The trial products are well built, hold your phone in place, and look great.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Peak Design is well-known for making bags, straps, clips, tripods, and more for camera enthusiasts. This week it launched the Mobile by Peak Design Kickstarter campaign that includes a host of phone cases, mounts, and more to help you safely use your phone in various situations.

An assortment of these new products arrived last week for testing and while I no longer have an iPhone 11 Pro to use with the case, a universal adapter was included so I could try out the tripod, car mount, wall mount, and bike mount with a phone of my choosing. I installed the universal adapter on the back of a Gear4 case for the Pixel 4 to test out the products.

While the Kickstarter campaign is now live and scheduled to last for 60 days, these innovative products are not planned for delivery until May 2021. The least expensive option is to back the universal adapter kit and then build your Mobile by Peak Design collection from there. The entire assortment of products in the Mobile ecosystem includes:

  • Universal adapter
  • Everyday case
  • Mobile tripod
  • Kickstand wallet
  • Wireless charging stand
  • Car mount
  • Wall mount
  • Universal bike mount
  • Out-front bike mount
  • Charging desk stand
  • Creator kit
  • Motorcycle stem mount
  • Motorcycle bar mount

I had the opportunity to quickly try out five of these products and have some thoughts on them below.

Universal Adapter

Peak Design sent along an Everyday Case for the iPhone 11 Pro and I hope to be able to soon test out an iPhone 12 Everyday Case. Since I don't have an iPhone 11 Pro, I installed the Universal Adapter onto a Gear4 case for the Google Pixel 4.

An alignment guide is provided to help you ensure the Universal Adapter is centered perfectly onto the back of a case of your choosing. You simply line up the numbers on the stiff paper guide and the square Universal Adapter can easily be stuck onto the back of a case with ease. Since my Z Fold 2 is a foldable phone and is not water resistant, I did not want to mount it to anything. I chose the Pixel 4 and a case to mount the adapter on.

The Universal Adapter has strong adhesive that attaches to your case. The center of the adapter is cut out to match the mounts with gray fabric material on the back of the adapter and back of the opening.

Mobile Tripod

In my short time with these accessories, the Mobile Tripod is clearly my most used and favorite Mobile by Peak Design accessory. The Mobile Tripod package includes a nice fabric drawstring bag so you can carry it everywhere.

The tripod folds down to a very small package, about the footprint of a credit card that is three to four cards thick. The center of the tripod folds down while the back magnetically attaches to the Universal Adapter or Everyday Case. The part that folded down is composed of three elements that can then be moved to create a higher tripod stand or moved to fit on uneven surfaces.

An articulating ball joint is present so you can rotate the tripod to use your phone in landscape or portrait orientation. I used the Mobile Tripod on my last flight and it held my phone securely in place for watching videos. While a bag is included, you can actually just leave the Mobile Tripod attached to your phone with little added bulk.

Mobile by Peak Design: in pictures

Car Mount

The Car Mount is attached to your dash with 3M VHB adhesive so make sure you know where you want to secure it when you peel off the 3M backing. I would like to see a vent mount solution at some point so I can use the Car Mount when in a rental car.

The Car Mount is made of anodized aluminum and is a short mount with a ball joint so you can rotate your device to your preferred orientation. The Car Mount is Apple MagSafe compatible and there is a charging version available too.

Wall Mount

The Wall Mount is a very simple solution and the container includes two Wall Mount units. It is simply a magnet covered in Bone or Charcoal material with 3M VHB tape on the back. There is no center square mount so you simply place the phone onto the Wall Mount to secure it in place.

Out Front Bike Mount

The Out Front Bike Mount is the one accessory I tested that incorporates the hard-locking mechanism. This means that the center square area lines things up and then two small aluminum tabs extend to provide a higher level of security. You then press in on the tabs on the side of the mount to release your mounted phone.

The weatherproof anodized aluminum mount is composed of a strong extension arm that secures around your handlebar and rises up to hold your phone in place. The package also includes a GoPro mount for an action camera or bike light on the side of the mount opposite of your phone.

As you can see on the Kickstarter page there is also a universal bike mount option and a couple of motorcycle mounting options that will be available.

The Mobile by Peak Design products are very well constructed, even at this early stage of development, and I love the fact that there is such a broad assortment of mounts that can fit nearly every device and be used for years even as you upgrade your smartphone.

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