Mobile Games: Cell Phone Threat or Friend?

Mobile Games: Cell Phone Threat or Friend?By: Eric Everson, Founder – MyMobiSafe.
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Mobile Games: Cell Phone Threat or Friend? By: Eric Everson, Founder – MyMobiSafe.com

As many iPhone lovers are finding with the advanced Internet capabilities of the handset, there is a whole new world out there. While some handsets might be better for business needs (spreadsheets, presentations, etc), the iPhone is demonstrating the fun factor that everyone can enjoy. With advances being made everyday by the collective iPhone hacker networks, it is no wonder that new iPhone game developments are on the rise. With mobile security concerns running high, are these new games friend or foe?

As it relates to the iPhone, right now there are not any rouge sites offering iPhone malware behind the promise of entertaining games. Please mark the words “right now” from that last sentence as mobile security is an ever-changing environment. In fact the latest craze sweeping through the iPhone community is a classic Nintendo favorite: Duck Hunt. The game site is available at (http://orangeburgyoungprofessionals.com/duckhunt/) for any “MobiNet” surfers looking to pass those remaining hours of the work day.

As cell phone handsets continue to advance with Internet friendliness, mobile content will grow at a double rate. While the iPhone is the most targeted handset, users have not experienced any malware concerns like those that target many other handsets. Keeping tabs on potentially viral sites is tough as they are never live very long before changing IP addresses. The hacker’s life is always on the move, so naturally their work moves too. As mobile compatible sites continue to grow, everyone should be careful where they step. The MobiNet is new territory for many and the malware is out there at a growing rate. Be suspicious if you are asked for permissions before connecting to mobile content. Also, if you don’t already have a mobile antivirus program start there first. The mobile environment is new territory begging for exploration, but as smart cell phone users everyone should take the proper precautions.

Happy Mobisurfing.

Your friend in mobile security, Eric Everson, Founder - MyMobiSafe.com

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