Mobile industry works on 'certificate 18' classification

Opportunity to police rich content of the 'adult' variety
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Opportunity to police rich content of the 'adult' variety

Plans are afoot for mobile porn to get its own code of practice. With a growing range of adult material available for high-spec mobile phones, operators are keen to see it doesn't get into the hands of children. Leading UK mobile providers are now drafting a code of practice to ensure that over-18s are the only ones accessing porn, according to a report in today's FT. Operators are recommending an over-18s content classification, with young users having to prove their ages before they can get their hands on the material. Porn will fall under the new classification but whether it will include gambling or use of chat rooms is yet to be decided. Measures on the table also include allowing parents to put a lock on their children's phones to prevent them accessing anything classified as adult, with access prevention tools being installed on future handsets.
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