Mobile Linux for Psion pressures Win CE

A mobile version of Linux being developed for handheld PCs such as the Psion Series 5 and GeoFox is being earmarked to include Bluetooth code, piling more pressure on Microsoft's CE platform.
Written by Marc Ambasna Jones, Contributor

The Calcaria Linux 7k project or Linux CL-PS7110, as RedHat initially called it, is currently in development stage. The project has the support of Psion and according to Psion's technology strategist Andrew Till, "there's a very good chance the mobile version of Linux will get a Bluetooth implementation."

Till is convinced that a mobile version of Linux will be successful, particularly as the operating system is being designed to soak up much less power than other OSs. "I don't see any limitation with Bluetooth. It's just a matter of waiting for mobile devices with embedded Bluetooth technology. There is a great opportunity there for Linux, especially if Microsoft doesn't embed the Bluetooth code in its CE software."

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