"Mobile phone" referenced in latest iTunes text strings

Cyrus at Engadget reports that the new iTunes 7.0.
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor

Cyrus at Engadget reports that the new iTunes 7.0.1 update is packed with a bunch of text strings that say things like:" 4301.022" = " ^0 was not copied because the video format is not supported by the mobile phone ^1 .";

So then we get into parsing mode.

Now if it was just any old mobile phone, I mean, wouldn't it just say "mobile phones," or something similar?

But, uh, the mobile phone?

Sure makes it sound that yes, Apple is planning one.

I check calendar now: Macworld 2007 is in SF January 8-12. That's in parallel with the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 8-11. Every year it seems that thousands of attendees do both shows. I've been one of them, and can tell you that LV-SFO flights are a bear to get during those times.

What's my point? Looks likely an iPod phone, as well as services (via Cingular, it has been reported) may be on target for January. Expect a big announcement from one Mr. Jobs.. 

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