MobileTechRoundup show #199, iPhone out, Palm in, Devour thoughts

On this week's podcast the guys from Mobile Tech Roundup chatted about the Palm Pre Plus, Motorola Devour, and Apple lawsuit against HTC.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

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We missed recording last week while I was up on a shipcheck in Alaska, but James, Kevin, and I were able to record MobileTechRoundup show #199 today thanks in part to my Nokia N900 and T-Mobile 3G data connection. Kevin talked about no longer having an Apple iPhone, while I no longer have the Overdrive and moved to the Verizon Palm Pre Plus. James has the Motorola Devour and offered some initial thoughts on the device. We couldn't avoid talking about the Apple lawsuit against HTC and sure hope it doesn't have a negative impact on the smartphone world. Kevin has the Dell Mini10 with Intel N450 and talked a bit about his experiences with it.

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