MobileTechRoundup show #68

Lots of new announcements were made at CTIA last week and the MobileTechRoundup gang took some time to chat and provide opinions about these new devices. Apple and Microsoft also announced some new mobile entertainment gear and software that has us thinking about Christmas gifts for ourselves this year.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

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The MobileTechRoundup gang attempted to record the show on three Samsung Q1 UMPC devices, but the audio quality had some Skype feedback issues so we had to try another alternative, but James and I were able to keep using our Q1s. Check out MobileTechRoundup show #68 and to hear my, James Kendrick, and Kevin Tofel's thoughts on the Microsoft Zune and Apple iPod announcements. James is also quite excited about the new iGo ThinkOutside Sierra keyboard that adds a 5th row to their flagship Bluetooth wireless keyboard. We also chat a bit about new smartphones announced by HTC, Nokia, i-mate, and Samsung.

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