MobileTechRoundup show #69, the UMPC show

All three MobileTechRoundup hosts now own Samsung Q1 UMPC devices and this show tended to focus on the UMPC platform. We happened to receive a couple of emails regarding the Q1 as well so if you want to hear us chat about the small form factor slate Tablet PC, go on over and download the show.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

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It wasn't necessarily our intention in the beginning of the show, but MobileTechRoundup show #69 turned into a Samsung Q1 UMPC focused episode after we found out that James Kendrick purchased the Samsung Q1 SSD with 32GB flash drive, making all three MobileTechRoundup hosts Samsung Q1 users. We chatted about the InScribe input application that is available for free, the new Think Outside Sierra keyboard that Kevin picked up and then answered a couple of emails regarding the UMPC devices.

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