MobileTechRoundup show #76

We thank the winning listener for naming my Samsung Q1, Qbacca, which is quite a fitting name to go along with my palmsolo online moniker. The MobileTechRoundup gang also chatted about some T-Mobile offerings, the new Fujitsu P1610 Tablet, and more. Enjoy the banter and listen to hear what each host has in their current mobile collection.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

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Sammy and Flash now have a new buddy named Qbacca that is part of MobileTechRoundup show #76, thanks to Ponce. I also had a chance to talk about my T-Mobile purchases, which went much better than James' attempt to get a T-Mobile SIM card. I am liking the Dash and am seeing if it can knock the Nokia E61 from my hands. We also each spent a couple of minutes talking about what devices we had around us during the recording and it is quite an impressive list. If you have any questions about any that we mentioned, feel free to post them on the MobileTechRoundup website. James and Kevin are also quite impressed with the new Fujitsu P1610D Tablet PC and after further checking out the specs, I have to say it does look compelling.

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