Mobius Thailand 2006 coverage appears

Microsoft's annual mobile enthusiast conference kicks off in Thailand this year with another event planned for Boston next week. Check out some cool Windows Mobile related technologies and look around for even more coverage from the many other enthusiast sites covering the event.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
I'll be heading to Mobius Boston 2006 next week and posting my thoughts on the event here, but wanted to let you know that there is a Mobius event taking place in Thailand right now and Jason Dunn provided an excellent report of Day 1 on his Pocket PC Thoughts site. Mobius is an invite-only event sponsored by Microsoft and other companies that brings together mobile experts from around the world to discuss the current and mostly future technologies in the mobile world. We aren't all Windows Mobile users either so it is enjoyable to read what people that use Symbian, Palm, or Linux on their devices think of the discussions. The events last a couple days, but the conversation lives on throughout the year within the Mobius group. I'm sure they'll be more coverage of the events and I'll post a summary entry linking to as many as I can find after each event is over so you can read about what Microsoft is thinking about for the future of Windows Mobile.
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