Mochila lands photo deal with Getty, Zuma, Jupiter

Agencies to license portions of their catalogs to Mochila, whose target customers are editors, bloggers, independent Web sites.
Written by Reuters , Contributor
Internet content-syndication marketplace company Mochila said on Thursday it has landed deals to make photographs from the catalogs of three major photo agencies available to editors and independent Web sites.

Getty Images, Zuma Press and Jupitermedia will license part of their catalogs for the service, which lets editors from major media companies and bloggers use its content for a fee or on an advertising-supported basis.

The deal expands Mochila's content marketplace network of buyers and sellers of photos, video and text. Its current network includes more than 1,000 global media companies, including the Associated Press, The Financial Times and New York Magazine.

"Whether you're a blogger who got started yesterday or someone in the business for five years and running a site with a million uniques (visitors), Mochila is a one-stop shop for content," Keith McAllister, chief executive of Mochila, said in a phone interview. "It's the world's best content for free."

Mochila's biggest customers are bloggers, who seek legitimate content for use on their site. Revenues from advertising that appears near the content are split among the content owner, the Web site using the content and Mochila, McAllister said.

Usage of copyright content without permission has turned into a major issue on the Internet. MTV Network owner Viacom sued Google's YouTube earlier this year for $1 billion after charging it with "massive copyright infringement."

"We've created a level playing field, where new and traditional media can all be together," McAllister said.

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