Modern domestic designs for aging

Named "No country for old men", a collection of domestic objects addresses the everyday difficulties of aging, and modern life.

Lanzavecchia + Wai, a research based design studio in Italy, have designed a collection of domestic objects titled "No country for old men". The collection includes three product types that address the everyday difficulties of aging. But the afflictions the collection tackles aren't exclusive to getting older. They are also increasingly common to our computer reliant, sedentary modern life.


The light combined with magnification is response to the deterioration of eyesight with age. The table lamp houses LED components in a CNC-machined aluminum frame. The viewing angle is changed simply by tilting the frame which is anchored by a marble base.

Together Canes

Featuring three handle shapes, the Together canes address decreased mobility. The canes include surfaces so that they provide support for more than just walking. The T-cane and I-cane carry small table surfaces and the U-cane incorporates a container.


The Assunta chair accommodates the natural decline in muscle and strength. The chair helps the user get up by using body weight as leverage. Simply stepping on the foot bar tilts the chair forward. Arm rests provide safety and stability.

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Images: Lanzavecchia + Wai

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