Moleskine TimePage provides a refreshing calendar experience for your iPhone and Apple Watch

It's not often that people get excited about using their calendar. However, Moleskine's new TimePage application is fun to use and provides essential consolidated information in a way that makes you want to use your calendar.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

(Image: Moleskine)
Moleskine is known for providing journals and notebooks to help you capture the world. It just released a new iOS calendar app called Moleskine TimePage and I've been using it with my iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch for a few days.

The new Moleskine TimePage calendar is available for $4.99 and combines weather, maps, and contacts with the ability to sync Google, iCloud, and Exchange calendars. The user interface is fluid and visually attractive, but is also different than what you might be used to with a traditional calendar interface.

I currently use Fantastical on my iPhone since I like the way my calendar information is presented better than the native iOS calendar. However, I am enjoying the way that Moleskine TimePage presents time as a continuous flow rather than having traditional views of the year, month, week, and agenda.

Moleskine brings its physical journal experience to the digital world and it's refreshing to see a unique take on something as basic as your calendar. The default view shows an entire week at a glance and on my large iPhone 6 Plus display this view provides me with a glance of all I need. If you have several events in one day, then that days events will dynamically scroll as you view the week.

I synced up my Google calendars and Exchange calendar with TimePage. There is nothing to distinguish multiple calendar sources so if you like to keep that data separate then that may be an issue. I personally like having my calendars integrated so am fine with this approach.

The main home view shows a week and swiping from right to left takes you to the list of menu selections for viewing invites, setting up accounts, selecting which calendars to view, establishing your preferences, choosing a color theme, viewing tips & tricks, reading the FAQ, and checking the version information.

Swiping from left to right on the main page shows you the weather data for the week (you set how many days you want to view on the main page). This includes a visual icon of the weather, high and low temperatures, and other data such as the chance of rain.

Tapping on a day of the week pops you into a day view that definitely reminds me of a Moleskine notebook. Your appointments a presented in a simple manner at the center of the page with a weather icon at the bottom. If you tap and hold on the weather icon, then a full weather page appears where you can move your finger along the timeline to view the weather in five minute increments. Lift your finger off the display and you are taken back to the day view.

Swipe down on the day view to create a new appointment. You can slide your finger to set the time and enter the text of the appointment.

Entering a new appointment or tapping on a current appointment takes you into another display showing you the details of that appointment. You can enter a location, view useful time-related information (such as how much free time between appointments), see the weather, add people, check the reminder setting, and add notes to the meeting.

If you have a location in the appointment, then icons appear that show you the time needed to drive, bike, walk, or Uber to that location. You can get directions with Apple Maps or Google Maps. Moleskine also appears to have a sense of humor with one icon I saw showing the Back to the Future DeLorean and a travel time of 0 minutes.

On days when you don't have any appointments, Moleskine provides you with fun this day in history notes. Simply swipe left and right in the day view to move forward or backwards in time.

Moleskine also has a companion Apple Watch application with support for Glances and haptic reminders. The Glances view will tell you how much time until your next appointment, which is actually exactly the kind of information I want my calendar to tell me when I look at it.

The Moleskine TimePage application provides a fresh take on your calendar and I have to say I am really enjoying it. Performance has been great and the Apple Watch integration is well done.

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