Money, at the root of all roots

Food and how we get it. One of the crucial issues of this era.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

Food and how we get it. One of the crucial issues of this era. A report in Europe has just predicted famine and all manner of social and political disaster due to global warming. Famine, as in starvation. How we get our food will only become more crucial as the population spirals upward while patriarchal value systems fend off birth control in many nations. And if the doomsayers are correct, there'll be less predictable growing seasons, less productive farming with climate change.

Here's a blog by a chicken farmer on why organic is expensive, and a rip-off. She echoes the question I asked in a recent blog: is green living just for the rich? The lesson from the chicken blogger: know your local farmer, or at least local growers' market. Should I ignore the fact that poorer neighborhoods of America do NOT have growers' markets? Those folks are trapped with their industrial-grade, plastic-wrapped processed foodstuff sold at the liquor store.

The "Don't buy organic" warning raises some of the issues I blogged about in connection when the swine flu fever hit the media. And the pro-veggie move to curtail consumption of livestock.

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