Mophie Powerstation AC and USB-C XXL portable batteries: Hit the road without worrying about a power source

Mophie is known for providing various portable power options and two of its newest external batteries keep road warriors going. One even has a three-prong AC outlet for powering virtually any mobile device.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The days of removable batteries in smartphones and tablets is gone with more and more laptops and other devices also incorporating sealed battery designs. External battery packs are necessary when you our out of the office and still need to get work done for many hours.

Mophie has established itself as a leading brand of portable power solutions. I spent some time with two of its newest universal power product, the Powerstation USB-C XXL and Powerstation AC. Both provide a trusted power source that meet the needs of modern mobile road warriors.

Mophie Powerstation AC

Just prior to CES, Mophie sent out its press kit for the Powerstation AC ($199.95) with a note encouraging media to pack the battery pack along to Vegas and keep all devices charged up. I took it along in order to power up my Google Pixelbook, assortment of phones, and couple of wearables. I also thought I might have a need for an AC outlet since there are still some devices out there with unique charging solutions.

The Powerstation AC has a 22,000 mAh capacity and weighs in at 758 grams with a size of 190 x 114 x 28 mm. It is a heavy product, but with this capacity it can add up to 100 hours to your smartphone, 21 hours to your large tablet, 15 hours for your laptop, and eight hours for your camera.

USB Type-C and USB Type-A ports are found on the front of this battery. The USB Type-A port supports 2.4A for quick charging compatible mobile devices. The USB Type-C port can charge up mobile devices at 30W. The USB-C port is also used as the port to charge up the Mophie Powerstation AC. Press and hold the status indicator button to switch the USB-C port to power input when recharging the powerstation battery from a computer. Priority+ charging is also provided on the battery pack. This technology works to first charge up the connected device before charging up the battery pack.

The unique port is found on the right side under a rubber port cover. A three-prong AC outlet is present so you can plug in a device you would normally plug into an AC outlet, with this port delivering up to 100W (110V) through a GFCI protected outlet. In order to activate this AC port, there is a physical button positioned below the AC port that you need to press and hold until the green indicator light appears. While most mobile devices can be charged up via some kind of USB cable, there are chargers for camera batteries, drones, and other devices where a standard AC port is still the most convenient or essential option. There are also vent openings on either end of the battery pack.

In typical Mophie fashion, there is a row of indiator lights to check battery status. These lights and the activation button are positioned on the front. Short, about three inches, USB-A to USB-C and USB-C to USB-C cables are included in the package.

The top and bottom of the Powerstation AC is covered in gray fabric material. This comes in handy for protecting your other gear while the heavy battery is placed in your gear bag. It also makes it nice for setting the battery pack down on a table, trusting that it won't slide off.

Mophie Powerstation AC and USB-C XXL portable batteries: in pictures

Mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL

If all of your devices charge via USB, then you can save $50 and select the Powerstation USB-C XXL. It is available now for $149.95.

The Powerstation USB-C XXL has the same two USB ports as the Powerstation AC, one USB-A and one USB-C. These two ports have the same capability on the USB-C XXL as the AC. Use the USB-C port to charge up the Powerstation USB-C XXL. Priority+ charging is also supported on this battery pack.

The Powerstation USB-C XXL has a 19,500 mAh rechargeable battery with a weight of 390 grams (almost half the weight of the Powerstation AC) and a size of 150 x 83.75 x 23.2 mm. Mophie states it can add up to 66 hours to your smartphone, 27 hours to your tablet, and up to 14 hours for your MacBook.

The retail package of the Powerstation USB-C XXL promotes charging capabilities for Apple MacBook with a small image in the lower right, text stating MacBook support below the name of the battery pack, and the MacBook prominently listed in the compatibility area.

Both USB ports are positioned on the right side of the Powerstation USB-C XXL. The indicator lights and activation button are on the front. A press of the button shows up to four white LEDs.

USB-A to USB-C and USB-C to USB-C cables are included in the package so you don't even need to bring your own cables to use the Mophie battery pack. Each cable is about three feet long.

These two battery packs are expensive and you can find lower cost alternatives. However, Mophie is a trusted name in battery technology and today's modern electronics can be sensitive to questionable power sources.

Over the past few years I've purchased a few Mophie products at the airport when I needed to make sure I had power to carry me for a couple of days with limited access to AC outlets. Both battery packs are very well constructed, have all the capability you need in an external battery, and have solid customer reviews.

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