Most workers want to use generative AI to advance their careers but don't know how

Generative AI can provide valuable assistance -- if you know how to use it.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
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Generative AI has so many different applications that can help people advance their careers including coding, writing, resume assistance, and more. 

However, to take advantage of this help, you need to know how to use it first, which is an obstacle for many. 

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Salesforce surveyed 4,000 desk workers regarding their feelings toward AI, and the results were overwhelmingly positive. 

Out of the respondents in the survey, 54% of workers believe generative AI will advance their careers. 65% believe that generative AI will allow them to focus on more strategic work. 

Despite the optimistic look, the workers felt like they don't have the right skill set to properly use generative AI or take full advantage of the new technology. 

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A whopping 62% of respondents said they don't have the skills to effectively and safely use generative AI. Over half of the respondents (53%) also said they didn't know how to get the most value out of generative AI.

Particularly, 43% of the respondents felt they didn't know how to use generative AI while keeping first-party data secure. 

Salesforce study graph

This is a common concern with using generative AI in the workplace because generative AI models typically use user data and input to further train their models, which puts the security of the data you are inputting in question. 

The feeling of lacking the proper skillset is also shared by a majority of business leaders (70%) who believe that their teams don't have the skills to safely use generative AI. However, the business leaders could be to blame for the lack of team members' preparedness. 

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Two-thirds of the desk workers surveyed said they expect their employers to provide learning opportunities, but their employers haven't offered training on the technology. 

With proper understanding and usage, workers and businesses can increase their productivity and get assistance in meeting their end goals. However, this requires training and education on the topic. 

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